Where it all started…….

Soooo the fairy tale behind Wingman (Lee) and Goose (Me..Shell) …..We are that cute we have pet names for each other.

We were lucky enough to meet each other 13 years ago, we both started new jobs on the same day working in a call center, we hit it off straight away and the rest they say is history.

True friendship blossomed, we have been through loads together, we pick each other up, make each other laugh.

We do all of this whilst having full time jobs, families, houses and this little baby of ours – Riverlea Gifts.

Now let me let you into a little secret.  Three years ago there was not a creative bone in Lee’s body, well so she thought.  Me on the other had have always had a creative streak, all my A-Levels are art based, I also have a qualification in interior design and find I am at my happiest when I can be creative.

Lee wanted to try her hand at something crafty so the first creation was tutus made in my spare room, then came the spray paint days and a bit of decopatching – don’t leave Lee with glue 🙂 and then she was off and now creates amazing works of art.

We then decide to brave the market world.  Now looking back at our photos of our original market setups we have come a long way……just look….

I am  slightly embarrassed but I am more proud of how far we have come with ideas and designs and there is so much more in us to come.

We make a great team, and this is why we can be friends and business partners at the same time.  We have our own talents, skills, ideas and when put together you get Riverlea Gifts and a true friendship.

Finally where the name game from…

Some of you may wonder where it has come from and its not just because the word Lee is in there – hahahahaha.

We were both sat watching Glastonbury Festival on our sofas, feeling sad and deflated as we were not there.  WE LOVE GLASTONBURY.  Adele was  headlining and whilst watching the thumbs were going on texts to each other moaning a bit more about how we should be there.

Then Adele started singing Riverlea and at the same time we both text each other and said that’s it that’s the name, it felt perfect for us.

So there you have it your first insight into Riverlea and us 🙂

Thank you for reading

Shell & Lee




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